Service Re-Design

Improving service experience for the users and re-design




Service Re-Design, Ideation, Service Prototyping, UI/UX Design


3 months



Pawsapp born in late 2018 in London. Offers instant dog walking , recurring walking and daycare. My mission is to understand the service and identify the painpoints and improve it. Target group is middle/upper class business people that they couldn’t spend enough time with their dog. Since 2018 service is getting bigger and people started to known in London. Right now they offer dog walking service very few area but in the future they want to getting bigger and become a best dog walking platform in the UK. Also they’re really student friendly platform they usually choose the walkers from university students.



Research Question

How might we improve the efficiency of the service in order to users and walkers needs ?

Research Findings


Inefficient UX Design

Unclear user experience. Service offers tailor made dog walking experience but the user does not understand what service offers on the website.


Unclear UX Writing

Users do not understand what service offers cause of the wrong wording. It takes time to users get an action.


Insufficient Opportunities

Although service works successfully, service value is insufficient. Users want to see more grooming opportunities.

Research Findings

After my researches I created an user journey to understand where is the opportunity areas in the service. With that journey I could identify the painpoints easily. After I created a journey I presented to the Pawsapp team and got approval about the flow.



After a presentation to the Pawsapp team of my research and my proposal for an app Pawsapp were impressed and wanted to pursue the idea. We then focused on refining the service offering as well as understanding the user journey, backstage processes and actors involved.

Solution Steps & Service Concept



It is important to identify persona due to understand the users and their needs. According to interviews with the Co-Founders I define 2 persona. I used the Alan Cooper’s Persona method to define it.


User Flow / Dog Owner

Before I started to design the app, I started to define the user flows for each scenerio. Walking and ASAP walking already exist in the service. Boarding and grooming services are expected. This flow shows boarding experience.


Service Blueprint

Make better understanding environment and heal almost every pain points in the current user journey. Also show hidden and non-hidden persona actions.



Crafting a friendly, warm and responsible brand that visually translates the friendship and fun of pet care. For the visual design of the app I chose to use a light base with bright accent colors to mimic the look of sun lights. We chose sans-serif fonts and rounded rectangular shapes to provide clean and friendly feel to the app. We want the app to approachable, friendly and easy to use, just like the people envision using it.


App Demo

(please disable your extensions (privacy badger, ublock etc.) to use app demo)

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